Red Rock Canyon Rocky Gap Adventure Tour



$129.00 Per Person · Approx. 3 hrs, plus additional hour for hotel shuttle


  • Explore the natural side of Vegas with this rugged, backcountry tour.
  • Enjoy the short drive to the canyon, where you’ll transfer to a rugged pink Jeep Wrangler.
  • Stop at the Visitor Center for hands-on exhibits, a tortoise habitat, and a gift shop visit.
  • Cruise by Keystone Thrust, a 3,000 ft sandstone wall with visible ancient pictographs
  • Check out the color-shifting fossilized sand dunes at the famous Calico Hills.
  • Follow a 13-mile scenic route through the park; you’ll want your camera, for sure!
  • Shift gears as you pull onto Rocky Gap Road for an exclusive, off-road jeep adventure.
  • Rock and roll along this famous canyon road that was once a pioneer trail.


  • Door-to-door luxury with free hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Parking and admission fees
  • Our signature, open-air, pink Jeep Wrangler for Rocky Gap portion
  • Personally guided and narrated tour with our highly-trained, entertaining adventure guides
  • Unlimited complimentary bottled water
  • Small groups providing a tailored, memorable experience


  • No children under 18 mos. permitted on tour.
  • Price excludes 3% transportation recovery fee (required by Nevada Transportation Authority)
What’s more exciting than exploring Red Rock Canyon? How about choosing one of Pink Jeep Tours’ Red Rock Canyon tours that takes you for a rugged backcountry ride with bold views of the park!

The adventure begins right away. We pick you up at your your Las Vegas hotel. Our Red Rock Canyon tours are led by professional tour guides who chauffeur you throughout your journey as well as know the ins and outs of Red Rock Canyon. Got a question? We bet your tour guide can answer it.

Shuffling to and from Red Rock Canyon is a quick ride where you’ll transfer over into one of our customized Pink Jeep Wranglers. With this astounding landscape only minutes away from Las Vegas, there’s no stalling your adventure. Time to get acquainted with this beautiful landscape, and the best way to get started than at the Visitor Center. Explore intriguing exhibits, uncover a desert tortoise habitat, and browse souvenirs for sale the park’s gift shop. Remember to fill up your water canteens.

Hop back in the Jeep. Time to cruise by the dominating Keystone Thrust that towers over the park. This massive wall of rock is also called Wilson Cliffs and it rises over 3,000 feet above the valley. Spot any familiar shapes upon these sandstone mountains? Those are ancient pictographs drawn upon the surface by Native American tribes who once lived in this area. Today, the Keystone Thrust is a perfect backdrop for today’s adventure—and, of course, for a group picture or two.

Head north to reach the famous Calico Hills. Unearth the mystery of these vibrant sand dunes that preserve fossils from millions of years ago. What kind of creatures and plants once lived across this valley? These fossilized sand dunes seem to change hue from red and pink to orange and tan as the sun travels across the sky. Can you name all the colors of the Calico Hills? Across this vast expanse are dozens of tanks, or tinajas, holding pools of water that keeps its ecosystem lush and thriving.

There’s time during these Red Rock Canyon tours to see other notable landmarks within the park along this 13-mile scenic route. We also recommend checking out Red Rock Overlook and Spring Mountain Range. Have a request? Just ask your personal tour guide. You’ll even hear narrated facts about the park’s history, geology, wildlife and even urban legends. And there’s always time to stop for some quality picture-taking.

It’s rough-roading time. Shift gears as you pull onto Rocky Gap Road. This road is only accessible for off-road vehicles—so it’s a good thing you chose this adventure package of Red Rock Canyon tours! You’ll soon see why as the Jeep rocks and rolls with the frontier grooves of the road.  That’s because Rocky Gap Road once was a pioneer trail. Can you imagine riding this rough terrain in a covered wagon?


Great informative tour.

Scott, 25 Mar 2017

The tour was great, the guide was also brilliant, he was a great driver and knew so much about the area and terrain.

Simon, 26 Aug 2016

The scenery was great and we all had fun and I was alone so had to meet everyone for the 1st time .

Scott, 22 Jul 2016
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