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Pink Jeep Tours Las Vegas frequently asked questions offers answers for a variety of tours which range in duration from half-day and full-day experiences.  The FAQ list below is designed to provide you with answers to the most frequently asked questions our guests ask us.  Pink Jeep Tours prides itself in providing exceptional customer service.  If you have additional questions that are not covered on this page please call or email us for a timely response.

1 (888) 900-4480


Where do we go to check-in and join our tour?

For your convenience, we offer complimentary pick up at most of the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

Do your tours require hiking?

Our tours do not require hiking, although they do have picture stops where you will be getting out of the vehicle and doing short walks possibly on uneven terrain.

Should we tip our guide, and if so how much?

It is customary to tip the guide, especially when they provide you with exceptional service. Gratuity is based on individual preference but we suggest 15%, which is industry standard. You may tip the guide in cash or have it added to your credit card.

Will there be other people on the tour?

Although our tours are intimate due to vehicle size (we can accommodate up to 10 guests per vehicle) there will likely be other guests on the tour. For information on reserving a private vehicle, see the Reservations section of the FAQ.

Is there anything special we need to bring or wear?

Dress in clothing comfortable for being outdoors, keeping in mind that since we are in the southwest it is recommended to wear sun protection including hats and sunscreen year round. We ask that you wear closed toed shoes suitable for walking on uneven terrain and bring bottled water. Don’t forget to bring a camera!

Can I bring a backpack or tripod?

Yes, however there is no storage space in our vehicles. Anything you bring needs to fit comfortably in your lap throughout the tour.

Can I bring food or liquor?

You can bring snacks along on the tour, however by Nevada law, liquor is prohibited in the vehicles.

Are any items not permitted on your tours?

For the comfort of all guests, items prohibited include, but are not limited to, the following list:

Glass containers


Are reservations required?

While we do not require advance reservations we do have limited tour permits, and often sell out.  We highly recommend that you make reservations in advance for the best availability of our tours and departure times.

What time do your tours depart?

Each of our tours has a specific departure times which is listed on the booking page of the website.  For more information, please contact us at (888) 900-4480.

What is your cancellation policy?

Pink Jeep has a 48-hour cancellation policy in order to receive a refund. Cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance will not be refunded.

Do you offer hotel pick-ups?

Yes. Complimentary pick-up is offered on all tours at most hotels on the Las Vegas strip.

Can I reserve a private tour?

Yes, as long as you purchase all available seats on your tour vehicle, which may be up to 9 seats depending on the tour. We also add a 15% gratuity on all seats for the guide. To reserve a private tour call our customer service team at (855) 298-3070.


What is the weather like in Las Vegas?

Winters are generally mild although some days and evenings can be cold.  Summers can get very hot. Click here to get more detailed information and monthly averages for the area;

What happens if it rains?

Our tours operate rain or shine. Rainfall in Las Vegas is rare and generally very short lived, and may offer the chance for you to see rainbows over the desert. We do carry rain ponchos on the vehicles in case of inclement weather.

In case of extreme weather, Pink Jeep Tours reserves the right to modify, shorten or cancel any tour to prevent damage to trails or avoid unsafe conditions.

Do you have A/C or heating in your vehicles?

For tours conducted in our open air Jeeps, there is no air conditioning or heating in these vehicles.  The Jeeps are equipped with canopies to shield the sun and we provide blankets during colder weather.

For tours conducted in our enclosed vehicles, usually used for our longer day trips, there is air conditioning and heating in these vehicles.  Blankets are also provided during colder weather.

How much sun exposure will I get while on a jeep tour?

Our jeeps have canopies that offer some relief from sun exposure; however, most of our tours are in fully enclosed vehicles. Due to various stops conducted on all of our tours, we recommend you wear a hat, sunscreen and bring a bottle of water.

Vehicles / Safety

Do your jeeps have seatbelts?

Yes, all of the seats have lap belts.

Are your tours safe?

Yes. Our guides are highly trained in how to maneuver the vehicles, and have been thoroughly trained in 4×4 techniques. Our guides are Smith System Safety and Compliance certified for road safety, and they are also CPR and first aid certified.

Can children go on the tours, and what are the age limits?

Yes, we allow children as young as 2 years on all tours. We provide car seats for children under 6 years of age or under 60 pounds.

Can pregnant women go on your tours?

The majority of our tours are available to expectant women due to traveling on paved roads.  Our rugged jeep tours are not available for women who are expecting.

How many guests do your vehicles accommodate?

Open air Jeeps accommodate up to 9 guests.  Enclosed vehicles accommodate up to 10 guests.

Are all of your jeeps open air vehicles?

Yes, all our jeeps are open on the sides with a canopy top. All of our day trips are conducted in our custom enclosed Tour Trekker vehicles.

Do you have A/C or heating in your vehicles?

Yes we do. It is not effective in our open air vehicles but our custom Tour Trekkers are enclosed and fully heated/cooled for your comfort.

Group Events

Do you do offer large group tours or teambuilding events?

Yes, whether you would like a teambuilding event in the desert, a catered event for a large group, or a custom tour of the strip, our Group Sales team can help you make it perfect. Contact them at 888-900-4480 or e-mail

Can we have a meal out on the tour?

Yes!  We offer a variety of catering options, whether you would like a simple boxed lunch picnic or a gourmet dinner with appetizers and dessert, we can accommodate.

Is alcohol permitted on catered events?

Yes, at the location of the dinner. No alcohol is permitted in our jeeps or tour trekkers, but we are permitted to have it at the catering site for you and your guests to enjoy.

How big a group can you accommodate?

We have hosted events with well over 100 people, but not all of our trails can accommodate the same volume, so please contact our Group Sales team at for exact details.

Special Accommodations / Disabilities

Do you offer multilingual tours?

If we have a guide available for the language you are inquiring about we will do our best to accommodate your request.  We cannot guarantee specific guides will be available.  Please contact us at (888) 900-4480 for more information.

Can people with physical disabilities take your tours?

For the safety of our passengers, all guests must have upper body strength with the ability to hold themselves up during the tour.  Guests are responsible for getting themselves in and out of our vehicles for their tour.

Can children go on the tours, and what are the age limits?

Yes, we allow children as young as 18 months on our Jeep tours and as young as 3 years on all-day tours. We provide car seats for children under 6 years of age or under 60 pounds.

Can seniors take the tours?

Our tours are appropriate for all ages.

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