Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam Combo Tour

$309.00 Per Person · Approx. 10-11 hrs
Only tour company to offer both tours in one day. Visit the Grand Canyon and explore the interior of the Hoover  Dam for the complete guided experience.


  • Explore natural and manmade wonders of the Southwest in one unforgettable tour.
  • Pass through the Mojave Desert—home to the rare, weirdly-delightful Joshua tree.
  • Stop at Eagle Point, a cultural center for the Hualapai nation.
  • Experience Hualapai culture through tribal dance and storytelling by Native Americans.
  • Visit Hualapai Ranch and the old Wild West, with gunfights, cowboy games, and cattle drives.
  • Walk on air at the Grand Canyon Skywalk, stretching 70 feet from the rim.(Optional, extra fee)
  • Take in panoramic views of the Grand Canyon from Guano Point—you’ll want your camera for this!
  • Head past Lake Mead toward the Hoover Dam, and learn about its construction and operations.
  • Visit the Hoover Dam Power Plant, Visitor Center, and observation tower.
  • Enjoy interactive exhibits, professional film presentations, and breathtaking views.


  • Door-to-door luxury with free hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Boxed lunch including choice of hearty sub sandwich, chips, and bottled water
  • Parking and admission fees
  • Luxurious Tour Trekker where everyone rides first class
  • Personally guided and narrated tour with our highly-trained, entertaining adventure guides
  • Unlimited complimentary bottled water
  • Small groups providing a tailored, memorable experience


  • Collapsible wheelchairs acceptable when accompanied by another adult.
  • No children under 3 permitted on tour.
  • Skywalk not included in tour price. Tickets can be purchased on site for $25.
  • For Skywalk ticket purchasers, cameras and cell phones are not permitted on the Skywalk. These items can be stored onsite in lockers, free of charge, during your Skywalk visit.
Enjoy two wonders of the Southwest—one natural, one manmade—with this Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon tours package. This thrilling expedition by Pink Jeep Tours combines the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon and the engineering marvel of the Hoover Dam all in the same day.

Pink Jeep Tours is your chauffeur today. Buckle up inside a custom-designed Tour Trekker and cruise off to your first destination: The Grand Canyon.

As you begin your adventure you’ll notice a change in scenery outside your window as you drive through the Mojave Desert. The road is now lined with gesturing Joshua trees. These Mojave Desert trees are found nowhere else in this country—or the world. Ask your tour guide why these spike-leafed evergreens are waving.

The Grand Canyon and the Hualapai Nation greet you. Dive into their culture at Eagle Point and witness tribal dance performances and storytelling by native members of the Hualapai Villiage.

Later in the tour you’ll find yourself lassoed back in time to the Old West at the western-themed town of Hualapai Ranch. The Wild West comes alive before your eyes with gunfights, cowboy games and cattle drives.

Before leaving Eagle Point, don’t skip your chance to walk out onto the Grand Canyon Skywalk. For $25 per person, you can tread around this steel and glass walkway stretching 70 feet away from the rim. Peek over the railing for a glimpse of the Grand Canyon floor 4,000 feet below.

One of the most awe-inspiring viewpoints of the Grand Canyon during this tour is at Guano Point. With surrounding views of the Grand Canyon, this is the perfect spot to take panoramic pictures. Peer over the edge for views of the historic bat cave that once housed 100,000 tons of guano. Saunter into the Hualapai Market where handcrafted keepsakes by Hualapai artisans are for sale.

Look out the window as you cruise by and enjoy the sparkling waters of Lake Mead.

The second part of your Hoover Dam tours excursion begins with a tour of the Hoover Dam Power Plant. This tour is an interactive way to learn about the Hoover Dam’s history and operations. Your Hoover Dam tours include comprehensive views showing the enormity of the Hoover Dam with all its operational features, through Reclamation guide presentations, audio and film presentations, and exhibits.

Shift gears into the next phase of your Hoover Dam tour. Your guide knows many facts and legends regarding the construction and maintenance of the Hoover Dam, so make sure to ask questions. Step out onto the Hoover Dam observation tower and see the deep blue waters of the Colorado River below.

There’s always time for quick stops along the Grand Canyon/Hoover Dam Combination Tour. Get out your cameras and your smiles. Your tour guide is ready to capture your group and the magnificent scenery of this unforgettable trip.


One word FANTASTIC!!!

Steven, 22 Mar 2017

I thought it was really good, our guidewas very frienldly and knowledgeable,and gave us flexibility to do what we wanted to do in our own time. I really appreciated that - some tours just herd you around like sheep and you don't have the time you want at each place, but F allowed us to choose (roughly) if we wanted more or less time at a certain place, which was excellent. He also took pictures for us, and was amazingly helpful throughout. He made the tour. I don't normally...

russell, 17 Mar 2017

I would recommend Sam Rodrigues if you want one of the best tour guide

james, 05 Nov 2016

I'm recently retired from teaching (40 years as an elementary teacher) and I'm beginning to checki places off my bucket list. Teaching curious children about the Grand Canyon and having an infatuation with the Skywalk made this one of my favorite places to check off my list. It was a wonderful trip and I would do it again.

Roberta, 23 Oct 2016
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